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Real Estate Auction

Greetings to all,

Currently I am researching options of how I could setup a real estate auction website. To my understanding webflow is more of a frontend with some basic to medium CMS functions and not really able to cater for auction functions out of the box.

Has anyone attempted any kind of similar project before with webflow - or its better to focus entirely on another platform. Any recommendations?

My best,

Yes, you’re right, Webflow isn’t tailored yet for this. Webflow does websites, and can do wome pretty complex ones using the CMS, way beyond what a blog just is.

But you’re looking for something that’s not just a website, but an application. And a complex one as auctions reqire some server magic, synchronization etc.

So you need that program to be develop, or to rent one that exist already. Once you’ve done that, you can surely integrate this program into a great looking site that you’ll design with Webflow :slight_smile:

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Yeah I understand the auction function is quite complex but would be great If i can connect the backend to the webflow design.

To develop one customised for my use would take quite a while - renting a cloud app would be better. Will need some research on this side - if anyone here used such platform do share. Thanks.

For something like this, you’d definitely need to tie it in to a customized back end. It could probably be done in 1-2 months, though. You could easily handle all of the front end design in Webflow. I’ve done a few projects that way. Let me know if you’d like to talk more.

Would be great to discuss on a possible collaboration.

I really enjoy this thread so much. The idea is great to me.

Creating an auction service is a very lucrative business, it will get generously rewarded if the service is client-oriented and convenient. However, it’s going to be a very complex project, which requires lots of skills, with web development as only a small part of it, and a skilled team.
If you’re interested in creating a real estate auction app, you can start by reading a guide how they are made and focus on acquiring needed skills and connections. Good luck man, good planning makes anything possible!

Hi guys,

I’m really interested in this feature, I’m a Bubble user but I want to learn Webflow.

An auction feature is quite easy to set up on Bubble, could it be possible with Webflow x Integromat/Zapier x Airtable ?

How do you handle user account ?

I’ll try some things and come back here.

Cheers !