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I'm looking for good tools to analyze my website performance


I’m looking for online tools that I could use to make sure my website is responsive and working properly on diffrent platforms and browsers. Also, I would like any other relevant tools like loading speed testing and so on.

Anybody can recommend some?


Hi @Laurence_De_Larochel, if you are looking for a good free tool that gives really good advise to find the real bottlenecks, then Pingdom is a great tool for this:

They have a very spot on analysis that can help you to find the biggest bottlenecks:

  1. Page weight
  2. Number of page requests
  3. Amount of script used

Those are the biggest factors that affect site performance after the core Webflow files load, which are really small.

A good rule of thumb, I try to keep page weight between 1-2mb, requests on page between 50 and 70 and script running on page to be no more than 15% of total payload.

I hope this helps!

This is exactly what I’m looking for, I will have a look. Thank you very much! Does it take mobile AND browser into account?