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Need some help to improve "mobile" pagespeed score

I checked with pagespeed and seems that my mobile version is really slow. I have no problems with other sites but I’m a bit lost with the pagespeed results.
Pagespeed direct link to the site (currently 31/100 on mobile and 86 on desktop)
I know that I can improve images and even remove hotjar script but I think there must be something more important.
Read-only link
Not sure if this is the best Category to post, feel free to move or tell me where to post about performance/page speed.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Google is changing the requirements a lot in their page speed tool.

When checking on other page speed measurement tools, you only score “low” because you use Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Fonts, Google Tag Manager, and HotJar. (Hah… you’re slow because you use GOOGLE tools… (I think Google should fix their own stuff))

You could add lazy loading to the elements below your first section.

You can’t change the following:

  • Image formats to JPEG (webflow does not support this).
  • Expire headers
  • Combine your Javascript, since webflow also uses JS.

You could try to use the Hotjar JS on CDN, but Hotjar also has a explaination on their website about slowing down page speed.

Thanks for your answer.
I was trying to test the mobile version. The only thing I think worked for me was Chrome Inspector (free). Any advice?

Going to try the lazy loading and hotjar.
Thanks again.

You’re welcome. :smiley: I’ll try to add some mobile testers when I come across any:

  • Click on “see your priorities” to view what is wrong/good/need some little help

I think the Dareboost, tries to explain clearly what is wrong or good (good things are fun too read too :wink: )

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