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Web tool to check page size?

I used about 15 different websites that analyze my page size. I even used firebug on firefox. Why do they all give me different numbers? One says .87B and another will say 810kb. Whats a reliable site? Even better? does webflow have a tool that gives us the total of each page?

Hi @cgmindd, Webflow does not have a built in optimization/page size checker (although this is a really good idea, it would be cool to have a feature that would give you stats about the page from within the designer, I would like to turn this post into a Wish List item :slight_smile:

I like Pingdom tools, I think the service is pretty reliable and gives a lot of good info for free.

It gives the site a speed test, plus it gives you a good breakdown of page assets by type, so you can see if you have too many images or too heavy images, too many scripts running or too much of something else:

If your site is at 810kb, that is well within the optimized range.

Check out this handy article from the Webflow Blog:

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Good to know Dave! It would be great to see this feauture. Ill check out Pingdom. I like firefox firebug, informative but it doorway give you the total under NET. Shows you all the sizes but no total.

Dave, maybe you can explain. Why do some page size checkers including firebug show that my page is 330.3kb. While that link of pingdom shows that my page is 720kb? Why is there a difference?

Hi, @cgmindd, what is the page url? Firebug may not be accounting for all assets, but I would have to check. I would trust the pingdom result however

Hey Dave, figured it out. Looks like firefox caches the assets once and saves them, then firebug only reports whats given. So when I refresh without clearing the cache it just shows 9 instead of like pingdom and other tools. So the work around is to clear the cache and then refresh and the whole 37 show. Its a firebug thing I guess. Its good to know since I like firebug and now it matches even what pingdom shows.

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