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Testing website speed?

Hello Everyone!

I was curious if anyone had some recommendations on website page speed checkers and testers. I searched around from some but I don’t think they are very accurate. They say the website is loading very fast but I do not believe them. Just checked all my photos in Webflow and most of these images are 1 - 2.5MB


Google PageSpeed Insights is the one and a page speed is just for loading the viewport, i.e. initial load. There are others but they give more information to help determine the output of GPI.
So if you had an image that is lazy loaded, 5 pages down that is 100MB it would not affect the speed unless the browser decides it wants to download it as part of the viewport.

If you had 100MB CSS or HTML or FONTS it would affect the speed.

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PS For others reading, I am a consultant who specialises in Webflow performance scores. PM if you are interested.


Hi iDATUS, PageSpeed is one that worked out for. Thanks for the tips. I will keep the CSS lite by deleting any unused styles.

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Note also to use the same CSS as much as possible. In theory very little CSS should be different between your pages.

Totally. I’m trying to get better at reusing classes. I tend to name my classes by what the element is “card-img-div”

Good to hear. I am quite surprised how few classes you really need if you design it well.

With a good naming system which may take several attempts to get right, it speeds up building and development dramatically.