I'm going to become a full Webflow designer, any advices?

Hi I’m Ludens, nice to meet you guys

I’m a web designer who got mind-blown by Webflow and really want to make a change in my freelancer career by using Webflow and deliver full live websites to my client.

Beside designing, I also know front end just enough to use Webflow and right now I’m learning how to host a website using custom domain.

So any advice if I want to become a Webflow designer? What should I avoid and what else should I know and learn about? Thank you everyone.

This is the portfolio demo I made using Webflow: https://ludentran.webflow.io/

Again thanks you everyone for reading :smiley:

Oh and btw I’m open to freelancer project: https://dribbble.com/ludens_tran

Hi Ludens and welcome to the forum!