I hate coding, so here I am!

I’m Andréa, a 20 years old Paris marketing student. I am interested in webdesign, especially UX.
I also expect to be entrepreneur and I am experiencing webflow these days so I am able to make websites on my own if I ever need it !

I have many questions as I’m building my first ever webflow site, but this forum has been very useful as I read other people’s topics and I hope I will continue to find everything I need in it.

Thanks for reading me :pray:t2:

Welcome in the forum Andrea.

Visually designing is immensely nicer than coding for most of us here :smiley:

However, a good advice for Webflow designer is to spend some time reading about basics of HTML and CSS: you’ll only become better at Webflow and you’ll be able to fix most of your challenges.