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The best way to become a good freelance web designer

Hi all.
I’m new to web design (less than 1 year of exp) but I’m really passionnate about it.
I spend 90% of my time reading stuff, trying to make websites, watching Nelson tutorials (:D), etc…
I’m 100% sure that Webflow is a great opportunity to become a freelance webdesigner.
However, my knowledge in webdesign is still quiet bad and I don’t know how I can improve it.
Do you guys know some good courses that will help me to improve?
My family and friends can’t help me having an objective point of view concerning my work, because they don’t know what web design is.
So now, I’m a bit confuse, I don’t know if I will be able to be a web designer some day and what is the minimum “level” required to start freelancing.
Can someone help me please ?
Thank you very much,

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Are you seeking sources on how you can become a better full time web designer or a freelance web designer?

Just ignore this post :slight_smile: Is a non-sense.
Sorry for this.
Thank you Vlad :slight_smile:

No it’s fine, I was just wondering if you want to be a freelance web designer or a full time designer. :wink::grinning::blush: Because I might be able to help you. :+1:

I see the title now… LOL. :+1:

Hello @Blaise_Posmyouck, have you tried the AWWARDS website? They have great inspiration fot websites. Would also check out flat templates. It is the most recent style and you could learn a lot from a professionals work on what they do and don’t do… Hope this helped… :wink::+1:

A great way to be better is to try and copy others designs that you like. For practice that is. That way you will learn how to do things and while you’re at it tweak it to your likings. And like in most branches its trial and error. When I look back at my first attempts … man…:grinning: .


Copying designs is a great way to learn. Creating goals for yourself is also good. Say you want a new landing page for your personal website. Plan it, design it on paper and then execute your plan. Once you’re done with a landing page, design a 3 page website, then a 5 page website…

But besides that practical learning, Design is about references. Study Art and Art History. Follow designers you like. Learn the vocabulary, learn about color theory, flat design vs. skeuomorphism, learn about form and function; read good books…

All of this sounds obvious but you can be an expert technician of webdesign and still design ugly and even dysfunctional websites.

I had an architecture professor who used to say “you won’t become a Beethoven, if all you listen to is the latest crappy pop music”…

Hope this helps.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


*Learn doing freelance!
*Don’t try to learn everything. Just learn what you need at the moment.

Thanks for your answers guys :slightly_smiling:

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So true. Sometimes someone who’s never done any web design just nails project after project and the other with great education and experience doesn’t seem to get what it’s all about.

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How about DailyUI :blush:

There’s a topic about this but it was closed.

I just started the challenge and it was nothing but fun so far!


I will definitely try this.
Thank you !

Are you sure this is still effective? Cause i only see 3 projects from u and no more than 10 max from Anna

@Blaise_Posmyouck I have only just started with the challenge, I’m currently working on the fourth challenge.

You will get one design challenge every day excluding weekends, of course it’s entirely up to you if you want to complete the challenge or not… I will update my progress each time I finish a challenge.

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I had to give up that challenge because of lack of time. But it is still active and many people (especially on Dribbble) doing it

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I’m going to start doing this again during the summer :smiley:

Couldn’t contuine due to lack of time :persevere:

It will be better for you to read some online tutorials like Nelson tutorials and E-books which are readily available in market. One of my friend recommended me to read one E-book in where we can get important points that are effective for designing a website.

Biggest inspiration that worked for me in my early days of 3d design was passion. If you have the passion, you will succeed. Now I rival the pros and even surpassed some of my favorite render artists. So having climbed that mountain, here I am in the web design world. Still trying to grasp it fully, but I am enjoying it.

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