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Hi, is this a good freelance business plan?

Hi, I really need advice and tips. How about setting up as a Freelance Web Designer who designs with all the needed features for that particular client including customizing, through the Webflow platform, then selling it to the client for a fixed price, not a crazy amount as I never coded it fully myself, then get a regular monthly recurring revenue by way of a monthly maintenance fee which will include the hosting. I think I only need to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, learn Photoshop, go through the Webflow tutorials, learn about how to market and manage myself in Freelance and keep tight with the Webflow community. I think this is what will make me successful. This is what I intend. Please mention to me any advice and tips on how to fully exploit Webflow, what skills are needed or would help?
Thank you.

Are you planning on just creating websites for customers or including the option of customized web applications for customers?

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In what situations would it be useful to give the option of a customized web application for customers? Excuse me for my ignorance.

I have created custom scheduling, contact management, and patient management applications for a home health company and a few small assisted living businesses.

These could be used in any small business industry where big-name web applications can be cost-prohibitive.

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Custom Scheduling? Would that be useful for clients to book appointments based upon what slots are available?

Yes it sure would be.

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Ok. What skills should a person learn before using the Webflow Platform to make Websites of all types?

A good working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS is very helpful, but not necessary. (all sorts of free or inexpensive learning sites exist)

A basic knowledge of SQL and PPS will definitely help with understanding the use of CMS.

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Thanks for the reply. After seeing your reply and some research in the past few days, I think I will for the sake of being on the sure side, learn as much as possible for front end and back end. The backend is what was scaring me which is why I got interested in Webflow. I’ll be totally honest about that. But if any person wants to make a serious career in Web Design then they have no choice but to work hard on gaining the skills and become efficient at them. Sometimes a person has to just do it. Overcome the fears and face reality. Maybe that will work to their advantage. So best to gain the skills and use Webflow as a base to design Websites then export the code , clean it up, add features if needed. Then work on the backend. Unless a client is willing to sign a contract to pay enough of a monthly fee to cover the Webflow hosting, modifications and so forth. That might be worthwhile. Not to forget I would have to use another source of payment set up because Webflow can only be paid in US Dollars, not UK Sterling Pounds. It would look weird to ask UK clients pay in Dollars. Then the commission from the bank for that transaction. Lots of hard work ahead. Lots of patience needed. Hopefully it will be very rewarding and pays off. Most important for me is the respect gained for having a career as a Web Designer. I’m the only one in my family without a good career so far. Thanks again for the reply and support.

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