Webflow career advice,

Hi guys im declan 28 from brighton u.k new to the forum but been using webflow non stop for the past 3 months now and i am hooked !

I was just looking for some advice really ive never been part of a forum or anything this has literally been my first passion so much in fact i quit my job to study more and hopefully become a Webflow developer so i wanted to dive in abit more than im used to and join the forum and even try and help if i can . I was just wondering apart from Webflow are there any other really good things to learn apart from that ? I am also studying Figma, Basic HTML and CSS. I have designed and created a few websites with webflow which i will upload soon for feedback look forward to speaking to everyone :grin:

p.s sorry for the long winded post !

Hey Declan,

I would suggest learning the syntax for HTML, CSS (since you already kinda learn all the properties of both HTML & CSS by using Webflow) and then some basic Javascript to be able to create / modify / develop things that you can’t do natively in Webflow.

Figma, Adobe XD or any UI-design tool is great. Maybe also some graphic design / basic illustrations in Illustrator or Affinity designer would be good if you want to go down the design route, and some basic After Effects skills for some cool Lottie animations? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help mate im going to study javascript more i think i know general CSS and HTMLn