Creating websites for the client


I am developing a website for my client. The website is currently on a free (starter) website plan, because after I finish developing the website I will transfer it to the client, so he can purchase a CMS plan by himself (I don’t want to deal with the billing stuff)

I have 2 questions:

  1. I wanted to use custom code when developing the website, but since I was on starter workspace plan I couldn’t do that, so I bought a monthly freelance workspace - is that the right way to do things?

  2. The website is almost done, and the client wants to upload content to it (blogs, services), but I cannot invite him as an editor, because the website is currently on a free plan… What should I do?

a) Purchase a CMS plan for 1 month, so I can invite the client as an editor so he can upload the content and then transfer the website to his account, where he will buy a yearly CMS plan for his website.

b) Transfer the website to his account so he can edit the content (since he will be the owner) - but in this case he will have to invite me so I can make changes in the designer.

The problem with “b” approach is that I am planning to share this website on my workspace as a portfolio item, so I want it to be 100% done (with all the projects and blogs) and if I transfer the website to the client so he can add all of the content, I will not be able to do that (since it will be on his account)…

So my question is - what would be the best way to approach this when building websites for clients. I think that I should’ve just purchased a CMS plan for 1 month so I could use custom code and invite editors while the website is being developed and then once it is 100% done transfer it to the client’s account where he will purchase a yearly CMS plan. It kinda sucks if this is the best way, because then I have to buy monthly CMS plans for each client’s projects, so I can add custom code and invite them to edit content while the website is being developed.

Thank you in advance!


Yes, that’s fine. Someone will have to pay. The other approach is to transfer it to them and setup the hosting plan early, but cost is very similar.

Yep. In your approach, when the client is ready to start editing, this is the point to transfer and continue your work as a guest.