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Illustrated Blockchain & Crypto Education Site - Built With Webflow

Hi guys,

I’ve designed this free crypto site to help people learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Any feedback would be appreciated, thank you very much!

Appreciate your time, Webflow is amazing for building a website like this! :grinning:

EDIT: Direct links to the guides to save you a click:

Bitcoin Explained
Get Started with Bitcoin
Ethereum Explained
Get Started with Ethereum
Blockchain Explained
Cryptocurrency Explained
Summaries of Popular Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency News
Blockchain Glossary


Fantastic - i’ve been looking for this kind of guide for a while! It fills that gap between the media’s frenzy and poor explanations, and the experts using high level terminology.

Simple, fun, I really like the keep it brief on the left and swipe right for more detail approach too, helps the user process the fundamentals first without bombarding with information.

Bookmarked - aiming to read it all this week :books: :thinking: :grinning:


Lovely design, and well thought out regarding the layout. Who done those illustrations?

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We did them ourselves :slight_smile: Lots and lots of work, but I hope the website adds value for people and helps them understand cryptocurrencies.


Thank you very much, that’s exactly what I was going for. Read the left side for a quick overview, slide to the right for more details. Really appreciate your feedback, thank you!

Wow you are very talented nice work, wish I could have something like that!

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@webdes, totally awesome work, I love it. :slight_smile: :grinning::muscle::fire:


Those illustrations are awesome!!

Really nice work - I am totally going to bookmark this for later read, there’s been so much talk about crypto currencies and it’s good to finally have a clear explanation of how it all works when you’re a newbie to the topic like I am :sweat_smile:

keep up the good work!

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Thank you :slight_smile: Really appreciate it!

Hi, yes there is A LOT of bad information out there (biases, hard to understand, etc.) so the goal here is to provide an easy, plain-English, and most importantly neutral way for people to learn about these exciting topics. It took about 3 months to write all the guides on Upfolio but I hope it will help a lot of people to explore this technology.

Appreciate your sharing the link with others! Thank you :slight_smile:


Well it’s definitely paid off! I can’t believe how comprehensive this is. And you’ve done an amazing job at orienting visitors through the mass of info you have on there, as well as through the various (and complex) aspects of crypto currencies.

Thanks for sharing this with the community! And yup, there will be some sharing on my side too :slight_smile:


@anais Thanks, you’re amazing! :slight_smile:

@webdes Unbelievable work! :star_struck: Do you have a portfolio website we can look at? Would love to check it out!

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@Cloudfusion My other work is

Feel free to get in touch, happy to help!

Thanx @webdes are you sure this is the correct url?

Yes. What’s not working?

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Sorry I meant do you have a company website showcasing all your projects perhaps? Would also like to know your design rates :slight_smile:


Hi, I am not a designer but an entrepreneur (these are my companies). Definately happy to talk about partnerships etc though! :slight_smile:

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Really amazing illustrations. Great work guys! I can show this info my parents, and they will understand it, I’m pretty sure. All this blockchains, best ico’s, ethereum etc…


Hey @webdes, nice work! The illustrations really do bring the clean site and content to life.

Also want to make you aware of a few things I noticed. On a Retina 2013 MacBook Pro in Safari, I noticed the following overflow issues.

Also the menu for the Content guides appears on top of the navbar and dropdown menus.

Signed up for the newsletter. Keep up the great work!