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If I stop my $16/mth subscription for a few months, will the pages be deleted, leaving only 2 pages?

Say, I buy the $16/mth plan, and I create a total of 15 web pages.
Then, after a while, I won’t be touching the website for some time, so I un-subscribe from the plan.

Since it will go back to the free plan and the free plan is only 2 pages max, will the rest of the pages all be deleted, leaving only 2 pages left?


Hi @Nikar,

Thanks for the great question. Site pages are never deleted when downgrading. Extra pages beyond the first two are locked for editing/disabled.

It is possible to upgrade or downgrade at any time, and when upgrading, the rest of the pages will be unlocked on your return :wink:

Take a peek at this article, it should help:

I hope this helps!


Ok, I’m signing up now! :smiley:


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