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[answered] What happens to a website with 3+ pages when downgrading from a paid plan? Answer: extra pages get locked


I was just curious about something and didn’t see a thread on it in the forums or it addressed in the FAQ on the plans page so I figured I’d make a thread; I thought it might be more helpful to ask here rather than via email the support staff so that other people can refer to the answer given.

My question is this: lets say I upgrade to one of Webflow’s non-free plans (Micro or Personal) what happens to my website if it has more than 2 pages (since free plans only allow for 2)? I understand there’s a quota about number of total sites you can have and/or sum of private sites, and the dynamic of catering to that requirement but I’m asking about something else.

Lets just say I have the one site with more than three pages and at some point my upgraded plan expires and I go back to a free plan. Can I still access and edit all the pages? Will the multiple pages be view-able to the public if I have the site available to the masses (on the free account)?

Thanks for any and all help in advance. Sorry if this has been asked before, must have overlooked it.


From the plans page:

What if I cancel my plan?
If you cancel your subscription, your plan will automatically be changed to the free plan. All of your private sites will be unpublished and only 1 private site can be edited. Your sites will remain safe.

So I guess you keep your three pages, you can’t create more and only the first two are published. has to be confirmed though :smile:

Hi @Aperion and @vincent, Take a peek on this page to see what happens when a plan is downgraded to the free plan: :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

Thanks Dave, however it doesn’t say how extra pages are handled :wink:

@vincent, whoah! you are totally correct. I have updated that page now :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for pointing that out :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

“If you have more than 2 pages on your sites, the additional pages will be locked”

Always wondered :smile:

Ahh, the Help page … embarrassed to admit I overlooked that one.

Thank you for the help, both of you.

@cyberdave Not to dwell on the subject … I’m sure locked means you as the content creator/editor can’t edit or access your website/project but going back to my original question; what does this mean for the public viewing your site? If the rest of the pages after my first two are “locked” does that mean they are also not available on my actual site when viewed (by someone who isn’t me)?

Sorry if I’m nagging - I’m sure you guys have a huge workload here on the forums, especially with all the help that’s offered which I’m sure isn’t always acknowledged.

If the rest of the pages after my first two are “locked” does that mean they are also not available on my actual site when viewed


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Thanks @vincent, I have updated that page to also include that info also :slight_smile: Yes, only the first two pages can be published, and only to a domain. To use custom domains, you need a paid plan membership. I hope this helps, if you have any questions at all, please keep asking, that is what this community is all about… :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

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