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Question about pages and pricing plans

if I had made a site of more than 2 pages in the trial of the pro plan then when the trial finished
when I will be switched to free plan.
what will be done with my pages??
will they be deleted, or not editable, or what??

Hi @Husein_M_ur, thanks for your question. Any sites you have created on the Free plan, will be unpublished, not deleted. You will continue to have access to the first site listed in your dashboard, but you will only have access to the first two pages of that site to edit. You will be able to publish those two pages to a Webflow sub-domain, i.e.

We NEVER delete your pages or sites, you can do that yourself, but we will not do that for you, we just unpublish your active sites that go beyond what the Free plan offers.

I hope that helps, please let us know if you have any further questions.

Cheers, Dave

I have another question please:
if I export my site and then I edit it manually
what will be affected?

Hi @Husein_M_ur, thanks for asking :slight_smile: You are free to edit your exported site html as you wish, there are no restrictions for that, the only thing is that once you export, you cannot re-import your exported site back into Webflow. Cheers!

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