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Idea: Crowdsourced Expert Feedback

I’ve been challenging myself to come up with an abstract idea or thought every week regarding work. Here’s my first post on this.

Idea: Crowdsourced Expert Feedback

I know there is crowdsourced user feedback for apps, etc…
but what about crowd or small group sourced feedback from experts?

I like the idea of getting feedback and critiques along the way during a project, as you build, and letting it help shape the design. Not just getting feedback on final work from clients, users, or the forum, and using that feedback to shape future projects but actually getting feedback on completed pieces or drafts in near real-time from not just your client but hundreds or thousands of other experts and then reviewing this feedback with your team/client & implementing that as you build forward. Creating a community that’s safe for ideas, and where members can be accountable and sign NDA’s if a project they are reviewing is confidential, would be an interesting start to that Idea I think? I’ve done this in the past by sharing progress/drafts that I typically would give just to my client to various online communities, and then showing my client the crowd source feedback i’ve received from these communities and comparing that to my clients thoughts. A simple concept. I saw that my client was more likely to trust my solution if I had community feedback backing it. The feedback received also did seem to create a better final product. I think this encourages us to not only design for our clients opinions but for the best absolute solution.

Has anyone given this a lot of thought? I wonder if this could be a Web App or streamlined process. has a really great tool for capturing UX feedback. But you have to drive the users to the page yourself and the feedback from the users is dependant on the quality and wisdom of your users giving the feedback. So setting up something like and having the Webflow community give you feedback on a project could be useful. The only issue with this is the lack of incentive for the Webflow Community to spend precious time leaving feedback. Perhaps you’ll get anywhere from 4-7 pieces of feedback but there’s no way you are capturing 100-1000s of opinions without posting on many other communities as well.

Are there some good platforms out there to get this type of consistent expert crowd sourced feedback? I don’t know of any.

It’d be cool to create a Webflow based site dedicated to feedback that focuses on getting people’s feedback from the community for projects that need ideas, and maybe even somehow rewards them for their feedback. If anyone has any thoughts related to this topic at all let me know. I’d love to continue this conversation.

Thanks for reading!

Scott Van Zandt

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