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Webflow Academy.....just a thought

Hello all,

As a high school teacher trying to teach myself the foundations of web design through webflow, (for better or worse…) I have found that the “trial and error” route is one that takes a great deal of time and a fair amount of deep breaths…:slight_smile:

I figured I would put it out there to see if anyone, (or everyone) would be interested in compiling a series of tasks that could help Lamen get to work fast on Webflow and do a series of screencasts for the basics to create a Basic course for “Webflow Bootcamp” of sorts.

I figure that if we can get enough members of the community together, we could make quick work while providing a great service to those that are coming on board and adding some value for the users. Personally, I do not know much about the coding side, but I have built curriculum before as well as courses, so I would have no problem with providing some behind the scenes assistance.

Might be a stretch, but thought I would put it out there, as I know the community is supportive.

Let me know your thoughts.

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@Socrademy - interesting idea! Have you seen the beginner course videos?

I wonder if they are along the same vein of what you’re thinking.

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It was. The basics are excellent through webflow…

I was also thinking about the idea of things that are things the community wants to learn that can also be included… things like using multiple widgets to get desired behaviors , menus with submenus, Full tutorials for MOdal pop ups, etc…

Just a thought.

I’m assuming you have already looked into Code Academy? Its really the perfect building blocks to get your feet wet in HTML5, CSS3 and other languages. Take the basics you learn there and start designing in Webflow, it will come together fast! Let me also suggest a great book to reference “HTML & CSS, Design and build websites” by John Ducket. Beautifully illustrated simple visual approach to learning web design code. W3Schools is also a great practical site. DON’T worry about knowing it all right away. Hack it to see how it works, then reference it to see it work properly ;). Plus Webflow has a great community of people willing to give good and friendly advice with little expectation of code you already know, unlike other services…ACHHHOOSTACKOVERFLOW…
I’m sorry, I sneezed.

Totally! I’ve had a similar idea. We’re building out our video tutorials content which will include some really cool behaviors and such. As for things like submenus and modals, we’d rather build those natively inside Webflow vs creating coding tutorials.