(SOLVED) User generated content within Webflow project?

Hi there :slight_smile:

My goal is to offer the people of my home town village a chance to express ideas of how to improve things and vote on those ideas within a webflow hosted website.

I was wondering if you guys had ideas of how I could implement something like that, were the user actually actively feeds the content of the website.

I was wondering if there was a chance to embed some kind of forum plugin of some sort into webflow through a custom embed component ?I found theideation forum style of Vanilla quite interesting, but won’t have 599 $ to invest per month (!)

Thank you for your time and ideas :sunny:

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There are a few of ways you can go about this, it really just depends on what you’re wanting to accomplish.

If you want people providing content you can use a form and Zapier to dump the content back into the CMS so people can add content to the site. It’s pretty easy to do and also pretty affordable.

The other option if you’re trying to foster conversation is to have content where the comments are actually from a Discourse forum (the very same product Webflow is using here for their forum). Discourse has an article about how this works. You essentially embed threads where the comment section goes and when people slick to comment it takes them to the forum. Your design and content with a forum powering conversation. You can read more on it here: https://meta.discourse.org/t/embedding-discourse-comments-via-javascript/31963

Discourse can be downloaded for free and hosted on a $5 Digital Ocean Droplet so it works with most budgets!

Or three, you can just run a Discourse forum and use that to foster discussion. Hope that makes sense!


@rileyrichter awesome ! I’ll have a look ! Thank you :slight_smile:

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De nada! Glad to help!