I want to use 10 items in a collection of 500 but blocked by 100 items limit

I am making a quiz game on webflow where players can choose a category among 4.
In every category corresponding to a collection list, there are 500 items corresponding to 500 questions.
I have made a random generator to pick 10 questions among 500 for the quiz but when i console.log the total of questions there are only 100, because of the webflow limitation.
Is it possible to extend the limit from 100 to 500 items based on fact that i don’t want to display 500 questions or even 100 but only 10 but picked from 500 items in a single collection ?
Thanks by advance for you help and sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:


You can use 5 collection lists, and range them 1-100, 101-200, etc.
Obv. your script will need to accommodate the fact that the elements you’re looking for are in 5 separate lists, or else merge them on page load before you randomize and select.

Tip: if you use a component as the contents for the collection list, setup properties and then bind it to the list, you can manage those 500 items consistently and centrally.

thx for your reply,
the only way i found is to copy my wrapper containing collection list and limit first wrapper to 100 and start at 1, limit second wrapper to 100 and start at 101 etc…
it is actually working but the visual result is laggy as i’m using interactions in wrapper and i don’t know how to avoid this
i’m pretty noob to webflow so maybe i did wrong but with 1 wrapper it is fluid and with 2 wrapper it’s laggy
any idea ?

You could use custom code to merge the collection lists, and then reset interactions ( aka. IX2 ) afterwards. You’ll find information on that second part if you search “reset IX2” in this forum.

It’s likely Finsweet’s CMS Combine can do both the merge and the IX2 reset.

Or redesign your interactions so that they target a wrapper around your collection lists.