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How to get past the 100 item CMS collection limit?


The CMS 100 item limit is causing a big problem for me, and I’m wondering if there’s a way around that limit. I’ve read about using AJAX to do “infinite scroll” loading the next page below as you scroll, which kind of might work but not really.

Would it be possible to do something similar but load the whole collection (or all the pages) in one go?

The reason I can’t have pagination, is that I’m using real-time search on all the items.
This real-time search only works for items currently being displayed, not items on the next page. That’s the main problem I’m trying to solve.

Example (use the search on the left)

Any ideas would be amazing thanks!

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I worked through a similar scenario and ended up doing a CSV export that I converted to JSON, hosted it externally, and then used that as the data source for the realtime search function.

Hi Josh,
I built an add-on product to Webflow,, that solves the exact problem you mentioned, real-time search with pagination.

If you want to see it in action, check it out here:

Hope that helps!

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Thanks Chris!

If I hadn’t gotten this far already with custom code then I would likely jump at just paying to use your plugin and being done with this. But considering I’ve got got the real-time search done already and just want to get past the 100 limit, I’m hoping there’s a solution to this where I don’t have to pay an ongoing monthly fee to implement.

If that’s not possible at all, that would also be good to know :slight_smile:

I do think what you’re offering is going to be a great addition for Webflow users though, and might get it for another project (or this one) if I can’t find any other help on solving the 100 limit problem.



Completely understand that. Unfortunately, the 100 item limit and pagination adds significant complexity to the real-time search. If it is possible to solve with just custom Javascript, I haven’t seen that yet :sweat_smile:.


Hi @cspags,
So, are you saying Jetboost doesn’t work beyond the 100 post limit? I was planning to test a few options to overcome this tonight with Jet boost and infinate scroll.
We have a site with 400+ posts and looking for a strong site search option.

Sorry for the confusion, Jetboost does in fact work beyond the 100 post limit as long as you add pagination to your list in Webflow.

Thanks for responding, Chris. I really appreciate it. Looking forward to trialing Jet Boost.