Collection list grid with > 100 objects

I have a CMS collection with >100 items and it’s growing weekly (page: /sponsors ‘2019 Sponsors’.

To get around the 100 item limit for Collection Lists, I created two Collection List Wrappers. The first displays items 1-100 and the second displays a limited number of items in reverse order.

This isn’t a scalable workaround as new items are added often. @samliew I saw a custom script you created in an earlier post but couldn’t adjust it to fit my needs.

Would be grateful for any help.

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Hi @quinisha, Welcome to the forum.

You could take advantage of a relatively new feature called pagination to help solve your problem. You can look at the details here =>

Yes, aware of pagination, unfortunately all of the items need to be visible so pagination won’t work in this case. Also the funky page reload that takes you to the top of the page isn’t very nice. But, need to have all items visible on scroll.

You may consider something like this then;

I’ve gone with stacking the container and limiting showing 100, starting at x. That’s the best workaround for now - it allows everything to be seen and the list to grow as more items are added.

Thanks for the ideas!