How to exceed CMS limit in dropdown menu

Hey everyone,
I recently saw a youtube tutorial by @PixelGeek on how to add data from collections to select Dropdown fields and i have a collection that exceed the limit of 100 items with the help of a plug-in.

Is there a way to bypass the limit in dropdown fields as well ?

Hi John,

Collection lists have the 100 limit no matter where they are used.

There are a could of ways to overcome that, but the most common one is to use Finsweet’s Load More attributes, which “de-paginates” the list.

This is simple to implement, but will slow the page slightly since a request becomes multiple webserver requests ( @ a rate of 1 request per 100 items )

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your reply. I have already been using CMS Load more on my collection.
But I have a form on my page with a select field linked to my collection in which I want to bring in more than 100 items and I haven’t found a way to do that.

Is there a way or a code that i could use for this issue?

If you already have the javascript written to support loading your select options, then you’re 80% done.

Just add a second collection list set to items 101 to 200, and modify your scripts to load that as well.

Need more? 3rd collection list, 201 to 300…