Can't load more than 100 items per collection list?


Quick question:

Is there a way to overcome the 100 items per collection list withouth having to use a plugin like finsweet ?

You could use a second collection list, for items 101-200.
But it’s a second collection list, so it will not automatically merge into the first one.

Thank you @memetican !

mmh yea that’s the issue, I’m using mixitup to filter and search through my items. I came up with a smooth javascript system but it act on the items of one collection list. I’ll see if I can merge the items of the second collection list into the first one using javascript.

It’s not difficult to do. When the page loads, all of the CMS content is already there with no script delays, so you can immediately merge your collection lists.

It should happen quickly, and likely before MixItUp applies any filters.

The problem is as your list grows you’ll need to keep an eye it and expand at the 200, 300, 400 thresholds…