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I need to add bullet points within text boxes

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I am trying to add bullet points to paragraphs in my inner pages but nothing happens when I click on the disc option.



Bullet points are for lists elements.

So you need to first drag a LIST WIDGET, it comes with 3 list items already. Put your text in it. Add more list items fro the add menu too, or by copy/paste existing items in your existing list.

Code-wise, your existing text blocks are paragraphs <p>
Lists are <ul> and list items are <li>

You can put <p>s in <li>s


Hi @sgreensted, @vincent made a good point. We had this question come up before and while the ability to add bullets to a paragraph text using would be easy and nice for designers - it simply isn’t semantically correct and we try to stay as close to real, valid, industry respected markup as possible.

This demo may be helpful: Click on the page titled “Lists”