Nested lists... can't make it happen

I am trying to created nested lists, and I can see that it CAN be done… but I just can’t work out how. I know that I have to create a new list in a list item, and that works fine, but I can’t then give that list item a value.

On the page, the lists I am working on are in column 3.
At the bottom of the page is an HTML embed showing what I am looking for.

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Are you trying to do this?

Yes, and I’ve seen that. But trying to do what appears in the video and holding my breath don’t seem to cut it for me…

So if you need to get rid of the bullet you can do this. Add class; list-style-type:none;


No, the problem is that I am trying to add a nested list within a list item that needs a name. For example, lemonades is an item in the high level list. I want a sub-list within “lemonades” of ginger lemon and mint lemon. If the list item has text in it, I can’t add the nested list. Once I have added a nested list, I can’t add text within the higher level.

Ok, how about this approach?


Took me a while to see what you were doing there. I’ve seen it done without divs, and that’s the approach I’d like to follow, at least initially. Who knows where this will go!

Without divs:

Hi there - I was trying to do the same thing and figured out a hack. If you create a list in an empty list item, then remove the bulleting at the first level, you’ll have the sub-bullet styling/structure. Then the hack is to just use padding to nudge the bullets to appear indented to the previous list item. This has to be a separate list to the previous list as it will remove your other bullets otherwise. This was what appeared to get me the easiest copy/paste-able solution for other lists.

I was sifting through forum entries trying to solve this exact problem (i.e., how to add text to the list item that contains the nested list).

The after-the-fact obvious solution was to add a text block to the list item that contains the nested list.


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Thanks mate! you save my time! you can only add the text block after you insert the list item. what a trick! (or maybe it is a bug in Webflow :joy:)

definitely need to pin this solution!

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