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How to mix regular text with text links on a paragraph?

How to mix regular text with text links on a paragraph?

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I have several paragraphs of text and one of those paragraphs consists of several bullets. Are you saying that I can’t style those bullets differently using a class with the current version of Webflow?

Hey guys, we released this a while ago, but you can add links and styles inside of a paragraph by using the inline options when you double click on any text element.

Here’s a screencast to help you out… http://quick.as/jp43f6gk

Thanks for posting this. Although, maybe I didn’t word what I was asking right. If I have a paragraph of text and I want a couple lines from within that paragraph to be bullets styled however I choose (not links.) How do I do this? I’ve tried creating a class to use on the bullets but can’t figure out how to attribute the class to just those bullets. It’d be nice if I could highlight the bullets and just click the class I created.

Oh gotcha! At the moment you can’t create inline bullet lists, but you can by creating two paragraphs and dropping a list element between them. Then you can double click on the empty list items to add text. That’s the best way to do it at the moment.

Glad to know it’s not that I was doing something wrong! So, I suppose this also means you can’t style one paragraph with multiple CSS styles (without the workaround referenced above,) right?

Edit: I see! The thing that I didn’t realize was that the brush icon that appears above the text you select is where you make edits that affect that particular selection, versus the brush icon on the right side of the interface. I don’t know if anyone else struggled with this but might be nice to make the icons slightly different. Think Illustrator’s Selection Tool (black arrow) versus the Direct Selection Tool (outlined arrow).

You can style one paragraph with multiple styles by selecting the text you want to style and then clicking on the brush icon (to create a <span>).