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How to add my own icons as bullet points in unordered lists

I searched past posts and can’t find a solution. When I drop in a list onto my page, the default bullet points are little black squares. I can’t figure out how to replace these with my own colorful icons. They aren’t clickable or spannable. I’m a little confused what exactly is a List Element as well.

The List Element places a <ul></ul> tag onto your web page. By default it also brings in 3 list items <li></li>.

You can use the settings panel to change the un-ordered list into an ordered list. (<ul></ul> to <ol></ol>)

There currently isn’t a way to change the list items symbols in the Webflow UI.

You can use the custom code section to write CSS that will make these changes for you.

If you want to use your own icons for the list item try the code below.

ul {
       list-style-image: url('yourimage.gif');

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