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Hi! I just got a website live - but it doesn't work? I have done as the tutorials say from WF

Hi! I just got a website live - but it doesn’t work? I just following the tutorials from WF. Butt the old website are still running with the old dns (otherwise it would be empty, or) ,
And I have made changes everywhere according to the tutorials. It looks like this at the hosting provider:
And when I have published from WF, and press on “publish destination” it look like this:

So what’s wrong? Can anybody help me??

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Hi @neanea6060,

Can you provide the website URL so we can check what DNS records have propagated. Remember that DNS changes can take time fully update all across the internet.

Lastly, I notice you have a DNS record for ‘mail’ pointing to That record should be deleted and a new A Record created pointing to that IP Address but the host is ‘@’ (not mail)

Here is the info specific to Webflow DNS Records: (Which I suspect you already are aware)

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Yes, it is this: Is that correct?
the url is this
But I have done it once for 2 months ago with this site . And half minute after that, the old site was down. And it took some hours before it works on the new.
But this don’t happen now with this site


OK, thanks for the links.

You need to delete the record for ‘mail’ that points to and create a new ‘A’ Record ‘@’ point to

All should be OK after that once DNS records have updated fully around the internet - may take up to 24hrs (usually a lot quicker)


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Shall I delete this one:
(don’t know how I mad a new?)

And why does it work for the other one I mentioned above, which was live 2 months ago? I did it just the same to day as this ?? I am confused

That’s the record that needs to be changed.

You have two options.

  1. Edit that record and change the word ‘mail’ to ‘@’, OR,
  2. Delete the record completely (only the ‘mail’ one), and create a new record with the updated details.

There should be some options within your DNS Records management console that will allow you to update, delete, create DNS records.

Let me know how you get on.

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correct now:

But I checked the site, and it don’t work. it still looks like this

And here is what I have published (I forgotten to have www at first time, but change it, so therefore it has 3 destinations)

But I see this now under hosting: , why is it red? What shall I do with this??

ths site works now see here