Google Tag manager to webflow if the website is updated

Dear Community,

This is the first time I want to setup GTM to webflow. I have checked the resources and tutorials from webflow, but there are more questions coming up.

  • If a new page will be added in the future, GTM code won’t be automatically placed there as well, right?

  • Do I have to really insert the code of GTM into the body as a symbol to every single page? What about those websites that have insane amount of sub-pages?

  • Isn’t there any rapid solution that pastes the GTM code to everywhere and updates itself automatically?

Thank you in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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For most sites, your GTM code should go in one place only and that is in the site-level custom code. You generally don’t need to put anything at all in page-level custom code to support GTM.