Google Tag Manager how to have script push on all pages

When I usually build websites there is a way to put the google tag script inside of the body on all pages at once. In custom code on the project settings there is only and scripts but I cannot find the body on all the pages. Is there an easy way to install the script on the of every single page? It seems to not work to put an embed inside my header of the website?

Keeps showing this regardless if I have embed as the first thing or inside the header.

Thanks! Also in integrations, why isn’t there a spot for google tag manager lol? There is a spot for everything else except tag manager, I think that would be an awesome feature as a marketer :slight_smile:


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Hello @Austin_Skillings, just make your embed element into a symbol and copy it into every page of your site.

@Austin_Skillings Yes, use a symbol you already have like the footer or header. That should be the same on any page anyway I guess?
Same with Cookiebot or other. Just create a container div and put all the stuff in there

Hey @Pablo_Cortes and @luci , Thanks for your response. I have already tried using this method but it is not working at all?


I have implemented it into that but google snippet still says it is not there?

Hello @Austin_Skillings, so there are two pieces of code that need to be placed on your project to work with the GTM, one is the one you have for each page that you want to track, but there is also a second piece of code that normally should go on the top of your header on the project custom code settings. I think you don’t have the second one. You should be able to get that from your GTM console. I hope this helps.

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I have everything installed accurately. Do not know why it is giving me errors still.
Really frustrating. I have sent video showing everything I have. If you spot something please let me know.

Hey Austin!

You have to add the code in the Custom Code section of the Project Settings.

You are doing everything right @Austin_Skillings, as far as placing the code on the right places, however non-script code is not entirely necessary, as long as you have the script code that goes in the header you should be good to go. I think this article will help you out understanding the non-script code.

I understand. I still do not like the error as showing customers and clients audits and proof. I don’t like it haha. But I will make note of this and have it as a solution but edit it that it’s just not necessary then.

Thank you

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