I don't understand Webflow's Tech Support

I’m not trying to irritate support because I need help

  • BUT I don’t understand this issue. I am confused.

My Team Account allows direct support via email. I rarely need to contact support.

When I do contact support…

  • it’s because I really, really, really need some help in solving an issue
  • that I’ve likely spent hours and hours and hours on (sometimes days) - before contacting support.

Why am I most-often-times instructed to create

  • (after contacting support via email)
  • a (Public) Forum Post where everyone can see
  • to request support for a problem that I don’t want to be Public

While - at-the-same-time

  • Webflow states… support is not provided through the forums ?

Someone please explain this to me.


@Revolution We’re in the same boat. :frowning: The few times we needed urgent help, we were directed to post in the forum so the whole community could benefit. It seems “Priority Support” is no different than the free support offered to non-paying users.

Hi @revolution and @ministrypixel

Firstly, thank you very much for reaching out.

Please know that we’re dedicated to helping all of you incredible designers in our community in any way we possibly can.

Due to the highly variable nature of Design or Custom code related issues that can occur in the Webflow Designer, they fall outside of our Statement of Support as they can be resolved by making design changes to a site or removing/editing custom code in a site.

With Priority Support, we prioritize support requests that come from those with Professional or Team plans prior to inquiries from Starter Plan or unpaid accounts. Everyone is welcome to ask for our help on the forum as well. You’re more than welcome to tag me in a forum post or message me directly @Waldo if you ever encounter a design or custom code related question which you cannot post publicly and I will do my best to help you during my off hours with those questions.

But if there is ever a bug, please know that I will do everything in my power to resolve that issue and address the bug as soon as possible to make sure that you’re back up and running in Webflow.


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