Better Customer Service

Yo Webflow forum,

Do you have the same issues as I have?

I get very little effective customer service help when I email support. That always takes ages, before something comes out of it. Most of the time, not a real effective solution.

Most of the times I am referred to the forum. On the forum, I receive little help as well. I don’t want to thank everyone that helps me and helped me.

I have literally never in my life, while paying for a service received such bad support.

I love webflow the tool. Literally wear the t-shirt proudly and have big webflow stickers on my laptop. But as a paying customer, can’t we really don’t do better than this, customer service wise?

Am interested to hear the opinions of you guys?

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I’ve never received bad custom service from the support team, especially from @cyberdave he goes above and beyond to help people especially me.

I understand how it can be frustrating to always be referred to the forum, but you need to look at it from webflows eyes. The more issues get resolved on the forum you have the potential to help other people who might be facing the same issue.

I’ve had a couple of issues where I don’t want to publicise my webflow project, I simply stated this in my email and they helped me straight away.

Webflow has a great big community here and you probably have more chance in getting a quicker reponse here then via support :slight_smile:



I must admit that the customer service has been outstanding for over the past 2 years. Like @Matty says, everyone seems to go totally out of their way to help.


I usually get great customer service from email support. I also agree with Matty. I would think that most of the emails they get are user specific and unique to their site design. Imagine jumping on a foreign website trying to navigate through poorly labeled div blocks and CMS content to find out why an interaction isn’t working they way you want it too.

My guess is that most of the emails they receive are “user error”. I know most of my inquiries are. But they have been able to answer my questions as I ask them. It might take a couple of days but I don’t think the Webflow staff is very big.


Three weeks ago, I reorted a bug that only crept in with the updates at the end of December. It’s a real tangible thing that doesn’t work. First I reported via the forums, thinking that this would be the section that WF staff are definately look at and respond to. Nothing. So after some days I emailed. I got a response asking for a share link, which I gave. Then again nothing. I evenually I asked for an update on the forum and by email. “Engeniers were looking into it right now”. Then again nothing.

Having emailed for support, there were no updates (apart from one after sending two messages), and no fix (after 3 weeks). Given that I pay for hosting, I don’t feel i’ve received adequate customer service.

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I’ve always received great customer support from Webflow - it’s not immediate, but it’s always within a few hours (I know that can seem like forever when a client’s site is broken and you’re pulling your hair out trying to figure out what went wrong/how to fix it.)

But the Webfow team as well as the community is always helpful, I’ve always had a positive experience.


I usually get great customer service from email support too.


Are you sure you’re talking to the webflow team? Because these guys are absolutely the best. I honestly have never seen a team work as hard as these guys in both supporting its users and listening to our voice.


Sure it was the Webflow Team, But somebody mut have been looking at this thread – I’ve just got an update from @Waldo. Still not fixed, but I’m happy for now :slight_smile:

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@Matty I am definitely open to working on the forum. I post stuff all the time. Things with high priority and low priority, I receive sporadically fast help. Mostly none to nothing. Posts being ignored. Or half answers.

I also would message support in case of sensitive info and they would try to do something. But as I said, it drags and drags. And we are all pro’s here. And I deal with clients and deadlines. Even when I made this clear, that I had a bug that had to be fixed before a certain event that was coming in three weeks nothing productive happened.

I filed complaints to webflow support. I understand that they are growing. I love the new features and upgrades to the site. It just seems that customer service is not their highest priority scrum and agile wise. And I don’t think thats ok.

That is why I started this thread. Cause if I would be the only person with this issue, then it means it’s PERSONALLY directed to me. Which would be odd, but a clear message as well. I am glad to see that there are more people here with issues with customer service.

This is why I made this a wish list item. From all the things that webflow is adding and improving. For me the highest priority would be CUSTOMER SERVICE.

@spirelli This stuff is exactly like its been happening to me too. It’s crazy right…

I think it’s important to keep in mind that webflow staff is not here for code/design help, but mostly for bug and issues regarding Webflow. I mean it’s logic right they sell a product and they make sure it works and people understand how to use it.
It’s not their work to teach us how to code/design.

For example @Aimanisms, if I take a look at your last posts they are all design questions. You guys have to keep in mind that people who helps on the forum do it because they want to help you, Not because they have to.

Some questions are hard to answer because you need to take a look at websites that are coded by different mind, and most of the time you wouldn’t have done this way.

I understand it can be frustrating to be stuck, but I’ve been through this kind of feeling with other app/soft (and you probably did too) and most of the time it wasn’t a software problem, it was me and my lack of experience.

Honestly from my experience, webflow staff are the kindest people, they always try to help and understand us, I hope all customer services were like that.


@zbrah I agree with you on the fact that they are here mostly for bug and issues regarding webflow. If you read my top comment completely. You see that I mention that I have had bugs, that weren’t solved and treated badly and taking lots of time, before a non solution was offered.

Also remember that I don’t post every problem I have on the forum. But yes, some of the problems that I post are design/code help. And even those stay unanswered.

I totally agree that the forum is not here to answer every design and code problem. But who is then? Someone, in my opinion webflow customer support should help with that? Where am I suppose to go, customer funnel wise?

I spoke with @thewonglv on the phone once. He seems like a nice guy. @cyberdave I have heard his voice since he helped me a few times and send me screencasts with his voice. I am not disputing any niceness. They are nice. And I love to see everybodys reactions defending webflow support. I am not attacking them. I just want better customer Service. Which is not FEEDBACK, I saw someone moved my thread, but should be a Must Have Feature in their scrumming / agile. It’s not their focus and this sucks. And I know more people feel like that.

And no, I have never had this experience, with paid plans or non paid plans. Not as bad as here.

So thanks for your points, But no, I really don’t hope other customer services were like that. God…no.

this is when you would need to hire help. either a tutor or a Webflow freelancer.

Also, please remember that there are a total of 4 people in the Customer support team. Myself, Dave and Waldo. That’s it. We are doing our best to support the whole community. This is why we cannot help with design or code type issues. We simply do not have enough time for it.

Each design or custom code issue takes time to figure out. If and when we do have time during our off hours, we do help out of the goodness of our hearts.

When we can’t answer a question, we rely on our awesome global community to help us. We all want the same thing which is to grow this community and help others reach their web design goals.


I have to say that the customer support at Webflow could only be improved with more people. Those they do have are doing an amazing job.

I had a bug last week with my business hosting they fixed it in an hour maybe two. Top notch.

Keep being you Webflow team.



How about creating a team/staff page so we can see who is around and what they do? :slight_smile:

Straying a little bit from the main topic: the most customer-satisfactory and the most cost-efficient way for Webflow to offer adequate support is to relentlessly improve the interface. The better interface, the less quantity of trivial issues users would face.

There are some serious drawbacks of UI, addressed numerous times in this forum. I would not like to repeat them. I would only like to suggest that investing time to imrove the UI is much better investment than what it seems on the surface. It not only makes the product more attractive, it saves on trivial issues requiring support.

I know what response to expect - Webflow is already doing a great job with UI and they are doing as much as they could to make it even better.

Both are not necessarily true.

Plus, there’s great power in the community to help with this and that power is yet unleashed to its maximum potential. People are offering UI improvement solutions with Photoshop mockups. I think this should be encouraged to the extent to which it becomes a regular practice. This could save Webflow plenty of time on thinking out the solutions.

I mean, undoubtedly, Webflow have serious tasks on their roadmap, taking up huge amounts of time and concentration. But then, does it really make plenty of time to put the “Background color” selector on the same row with “Add Background Image”, “Add Gradient” and “Add Overlay”? This is just an instance of something causing great confusion in newbies, while taking so little to fix.

Good idea @Matty,

Nice to have a page showcasing Webflow staff and community experts skills. I personally help out with styling issues.

@nwdsha I’m going to spam you with all my issues :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Happy to help :wink: @Matty

Before discovering Webflow, I always helped out in WordPress forums and assisted everyone from all walks of life, in my spare time. It’s a massive thrill when people thank you or hear how delighted they are.

I want to see Webflow around in the next 10 years and beyond. To make that happen, the community has to chip in and help each other solve issues. If I help you resolve something today and then someone asks a related question tomorrow, you should pay it forward. I don’t expect you to but if you want Webflow to be successful, this is what we need to do. I don’t get paid or want to get paid by Webflow to do this. It’s pure volunteering my time and investing in Webflow’s future.

So, shoot away :wink: