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What does the Support team actually help support?

@Barsik: Webflow staff is actually prohibited from responding on the forum while at work, except when it has to do with actual bugs. (At least that’s what I was told by Webflow staff.)

We aren’t prohibited, it’s just that we are responding to Help tickets that have technical, account related, billing or bug issues. When it comes to design issues, we get to those later in the day. :smiley:

Please review our Statement of Support:


That makes sense. This is what I was told, actually: “Instead we all take turns fielding design questions during our lunch break, after work, on weekends, and during holiday breaks. During work hours we’re not as available for helping with design issues as much as we’d like.”


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Good question. Are these standards across the package board? Do people with Pro or Enterprise accounts get design help during work hours? Or it just applies to bugs and stuff? Wondering since the Professional and Enterprise package states immediate support. But what kind of support?

I’ve asked this question via email, and received the following information:

“…Webflow team does monitor and help out on the forum :slight_smile: We do not respond on the forum as part of the paid support, but we do it out of love of Webflow, and love the for community :)”

“The support you receive from the Webflow support desk is the same for all account types, however with Priority support, those support tickets are handled in priority, before tickets having only standard email support. This basically means, that with Priority support, you will get a faster response and resolution to your inquiry.”

“All design, code or seo issues are always handled on the Need Help pages in the forum. If you have trouble with a feature in Webflow, i.e. your site will not load, or you are having problems in the designer, or a bug is found, then we handle that from the support desk. If you are having issue with design, lets say that you want to find out how to style a slider to fit a full width, or you are looking for help to create a layout of some kind or having some styling issues, that is all handled on the Need Help pages.”

Wheres the “Need help pages?” Do they mean the forum in general?

He might have meant any one of the forums that have the word “Help” in the category…

Oh I see. Good to know. So far the forum is active which is nice.

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