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Priority Support? What's the difference?

I was wondering what does “Priority Support” means

I always come to the forums looking for answers that the community provide for the community and sometimes the @webflow team helps, but I don’t see any difference between the ones that are in the free plan and the ones that are in the other two plans, and more because when I go and send an email for a specific question I always got sent to the forums.

So, can somebody from the “Priority Support” team help me understand?

Priority support is when you email for anything that is account, billing, or technical related (e.g. bugs in the platform).

​When it comes to design issues, we ask that you post it on the forums to not only help you but the community as well. If someone in the future has a similar issue, they would benefit from your post since it may answer it.

See our Statement of Support when it comes to design issues:

Hope this clears up the confusion :slight_smile:

So where is the advantage? :thinking:

Well, if you experience a bug or a billing issue, you are entitled to support by email.

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