Telephone support... Quicker support

Sometimes I hate the support system that you use, don’t get me wrong guys but sometimes I see someone post something and days go by and the answer doesn’t arrive and sometime I see how other questions or queries in minutes are been solved.

Guess what group I’m in :disappointed:

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Hi Aaron, sorry you feel left alone :slight_smile: Maybe your issues are really difficult or long to solve. Can you point to unanswered posts of yours?

Also, here we are on the Forum, it’s mostly users here, and it is not webflows’ support. Webflow support can be reached by email at and if you have a pro plan it’s said to answer really quick. (I’m on pro and my requests get answered really quick indeed). But don’t abuse the support email, it’s mainly for real bugs, plans and settings help…

Thank you again @vincent for your response. At the moment I don’t have any unanswered questions but I had questions not answered for days.

Anyway, I tried email support for some questions that I had but most of the times they sent me to the forum to look for the answers I needed. I just started my Webflow adventure like a month ago and I love it!, it is just that sometimes I don’t know how to do certain things and it is very hard to find them. Currently I am in the Personal Plan and maybe thats why I don’t get that quickness but I would really appreciate being able to find some tutorials or guidelines to improve the things that I’ve been making in the Webflow platform, you know to be able to bring those ideas to life.

I really appreciate you taking the time to respond