Webflow pricing question

If I want to have my site hosted with Webflow on my own domain, and I also want to build a handful of projects for clients on Webflow staging, do I have to buy both an account plan for $16/month AND a website plan for another $16/month (I plan to use CMS)?

Hi @dummer,

Paid Site Plans allow you to add a custom domain, unlock more features, remove Webflow branding, etc. on a site in your account.

Paid Account Plans allow you to work on more sites at once (and with more features), export code, customize the editor, etc.

To host your own personal site, you will add whatever paid Site Plan you need to that site, and then if you are planning on designing 2+ sites for other clients at the same time, you will need a paid Account Plan so that you have the added features and no restrictions on the amount of sites with a free Site Plan that can be worked on.

I hope that makes sense?

All the best,
Kai :smile:

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Hi Kai,

Thanks for the breakdown, that’s what I thought, I was just hoping I was wrong and there is a more affordable way to do that.

A Lite account would cost $16/month and a CMS site plan would cost another $16/month. So to accomplish what I described above I would need to pay US$384/year which is about $515/year in Canadian dollars. I really like how Webflow works, I am just not sure I can afford it at this price point.


Maybe think about it this way - One client project could pay for all of that…

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