Lightbox does not show "Multi-image" field in settings

Ok, so I have set up a lightbox on my product page for my products images, I have also setup a linked lightbox below it for the additional product images.
Problem is, it does not show a field to show images from my products multi-image field, only the main image field.
I followed the webflow tutorial for lightboxes, but when I try to place it into the collection box as instructed, I get an error that says it’s not possible.
This is irritating because it allowed me to do so for the first collection and again I am following the tutorial as instructed where she was able to do just this.

Not exactly sure what I am doing wrong here or how to fix it. I even tried placing a basic image, but there is no option to enlarge it when clicked on, which is what I need to be done.

any solutions that don’t involve me shelling out money for an integration

I did not include MY link because it won’t help as you won’t be able to see the errors I am seeing.

here is the tutorial I followed
Multi-image field overview | Webflow University

Can you send a share link so we can see what is going on?

Here you are

Look on the Hu$h Money page to see the issue

figured out what the issue is. It’s not possible on product template pages

Can’t get images to show from a multi-image field with a collection list - Design help / CMS - Forum | Webflow