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Lightbox & Collection list - Multi-images field not visible

Hello Community,

I am trying to make a simple collection list on my personal project page and I cannot get the Multi-image option working. I drag and drop my Lightbox in my page and when I want to link it to the collection it only shows / allows me to get images from the Image field, but not from the multi-image field (which I created).

Link to my project page:

I have followed every steps from this video (I guess) but I cannot get it to work.

Please help!

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link not working…

Currently in order to use an image-gallery for your CMS lightboxes, you must be on a dynamic page. There’s not currently a workaround for this (at least one that I know of). Sorry!

Hello @Hunter_Reynolds,

What is a dynamic page?It this something that needs to be made, or did you meant an entire page that is a collection item?


When you create CMS Collections, each instance will have its own Dynamic page, which can be found on the Pages tab at the bottom (its in purple). These pages can be built to look the same and auto-populate content based on the CMS Collection (think a product page; each page has the same design, but with different photos, text, price, descriptions, etc…).

I have the exact same problem (and I am in a CMS dynamic page). No idea why the multi-image option doesn’t appear and only the Main image field shows up.

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I’ve been experiencing the same issue. The only way I’ve found to use Lightbox Gallery with a multi-image is to add a Collection List to a Collection page. You can’t link a Lightbox straight to the multi-image on any type of page.


Yep. That worked. Thanks, @joejola :slight_smile:

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WOW, awesome discovery and amazingly seems undocumented ANYWHERE by Webflow themselves. Sadly, breaks my design (wanted each collection item in it’s own grid area with some uniquely sized, and then limited to 5 images, and then full Lightbox for the entirety of the Multi-image field). But, better than nothing.

Issues like these really make me feel like a fool in front of my client, whom I convinced to pay for Webflow. We’re both constantly let down by it, except it’s my responsibility to solve the issue.

EDIT: Nope, never mind… “Link with other Lightboxes” Group name is NOT dynamic. So… can enlarge single images, but cannot connect them to other images in a Multi-image field. Anyone figure out how to do this? I swear I saw a live stream more than a year ago that promised this “within a week.”