Html5 video widget

Hi .im using the free trial at the moment and im loving webflow .but no html5 video widget? why not ?
i want to show private videos not youtube or vimeo …
any ideas why they havnt included a widget for that ?

It implies hosting of the video files and streaming. It’s costly and maybe difficult to make it fit within the plans’ prices.

AHH yh ,i see your point on that … its a shame tho ,do you know any other that may ? as that what is i am looking for , i dont plan to host with any editor .

i need to upload videos that on my ;;local files … youtube and video is alas rubish … if this is a true editor its not doing very Well on that matter . give me a true editor pls with the freedom.and make that widget available , i may consider purchasing . without its pointless to me …

maybe i should stick with dreamweaver . no matter how un user friendly it is … im sure that i am not the only person to raise this about videos … blue griffon apparently allows this ,so i may try that instead … sorry webflow peeps i wont be pudding …

I think if you spent 30 seconds searching and a couple of minutes reading here in the forums, you would find plenty of how-to’s.

Here is one that is old, but nothing changed. Still works.

You can embed custom code on any paid plan. That includes dropping in an HTML5 video where you are hosting the video files.

Good luck with whatever path you choose.

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