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Adding Video that is privately hosted (non-YouTube or Vimeo)

I am having trouble adding a video that is NOT hosted on YouTube or Vimeo to the widget on the top of my home page (Vimeo and YouTube videos work fine). The video in question is sitting on our site’s domain (see link below). When I try to add this link as I would in other builders, I get a message that it is in the wrong format - it is a “link” instead of an “embed.” Is there more code that needs to be added? Can anyone help with this?!

Here is my site:



Hello @scarlettmacaw

You can embed an HTML5 video tag into your Webflow page using the embed widget.

For more information on this, please refer to this article:

For more information on the HTML5 video tag, please refer to this article:

hope this helps :smile:

@PixelGeek - thank you! I hope Webflow will make this possible in the widget sometime in the future.

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