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How to Transfer E-Commerce Site to Client?


So I am like 75% done with building an E-Commerce site for my client in Webflow. However, in-order to finish the website I need to add on the E-commerce hosting so I can add more variants and enable checkout and all of that. With that being said, I would pay for that (it’s in the budget).

However when the website is 100% done and it’s time to transfer it to the client, the hosting would be removed on their copy of the website correct? And then they have to pay for hosting again? Do I get a refund for the hosting I paid for? I’m confused because in order to finish the site, I need the hosting to setup the e-commerce functionality properly.

Should I create a Webflow account for my client and build the website on their account and add the hosting there? If so, will I get stuck needing to buy an account plan too?

Any advice how to set this up as little messy as possible with a smooth client handoff would be greatly appreciated!

I’m looking for the exact answer. I would like to know what is the best process to transfer an e-commerce site OR if it’s better to just build it in the client’s account.

Thank you!