How to switch to non-www URL?

I had my website on WordPress and the URL was
And now I switched to webflow and it is http//
How can I redirect everything back to the non-www version?

Please, it’s a disaster here

No expert here but I had both and I removed the NON www. as its not secure in public wi-fi.

I think all you have to do is click add domain and put

The standard setup with Webflow is to use the www as default. This is required for SSL.

To set the default as your root domain, your DNS host needs to allow you to point root domains to a CNAME/ANAME /ALIAS record.

See here for instructions: Set root domain as default domain | Webflow University

Why do you not want the www version to be default? Everything will auto redirect automatically.

The website was on WordPress for a while and it was without http//www.
We moved it to webflow and for SEO reasons the client wants it to stay with non-www domain.

As a solution we changed the DNS provider

These seems to be the article I need, but it is a 404