Redirecting from www to root domain?


We’re currently in the process of migrating our site from wordpress to webflow.

Currently we redirect the URL to through a wordpress plugin, which means that using in google search displays no results, but searching works fine.

This set up is perhaps not optimal but it’s the way it was done for us a long time ago, so now to my question:

Is it possible to make a redirect in the publishing section of webflow to the root or is there another way to achieve this?

Webflow states that it is best practice to use www as default domain, however this would probably hurt our SEO rankings as we’re currently number 1-3 in almost all of our competitive search terms for our root domain (without www).

Our SSL provider is Loopia and thus it doesn’t seem possible for us to use our root domain as default domain in webflow through the publishing tool.

You should be able to accomplish this through Loopia, although I’m not familiar with the service. If Loopia is your domain registrar, you could use a service like Cloudflare for DNS management. You’ll be able to set up the non-www to www redirect easily (Webflow will provide the exact records you need).

In terms of SEO, if the redirect is configured properly, the impact on your rankings should be minimal to non-existent.