I want to use the non-www version. Please help

My website is remoteineurope.com Read-Only: Webflow - RemoteInEurope

It used to be with wordpress, but now I switched to webflow. It’s just a cloned template for now. The problem I am facing is the fact that https://remoteineurope.com redirects to https://www.remoteineurope.com (so non-www to www version)

I do not want that, so I made the non-www version the default one, then in the SEO settings I set the global canonical tag option to https://remoteineurope.com/ This did not help, so then I also added a custom code:

None of this worked. So now I found a few other threads and this help article saying that some DNS providers do not allow SSL on the root domain. Though I don’t understand why this worked when I hosted godaddy host/wordpress, since I used the same DNS provider…

Anyway, I need some guidance on what to do now. My domain is registered with godaddy and uses their default DNS provider. I see that ClouDNS would offer what I need. What do I have to do? Transfer my domain from Godaddy to ClouDNS? Or is there a way to just use them as a DNS provider?

I really don’t know much about this stuff so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!