Zapier issue transferring richtext from Airtable to Webflow CMS

I’m having issue with transferring richtext from airtable through zapier, is particular bullet point which comes in webflow as regular text format so it losses the style of bullet point.

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That’s normal. Zapier doesn’t convert the Airtable richtext (markdown) into HTML for your Webflow richtext field.

You can use Integromat/Make instead. They have an extra step you can add to your workflow to do the markdown-to-html convertion.

Or, the simplest solution is to use PowerImporter to automatically sync your Airtable to Webflow. It handles every single field type out of the box, including transforming markdown to HTML.

I will try that, thank you

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+1 on Marc’s comment above. With Integromat or even Zapier you should be able to add a step to do the conversion. Here’s Zapier’s guide and Integromat’s help docs.

That said, if you’re trying to transfer any data from Airtable to Webflow, you might want to check out Whalesync’s Airtable to Webflow Sync. It handles rich text, multi-reference, and all the other major fields automatically.

Here’s a full list of fields Whalesync supports.

One way you could solve this is to run trough a small tool that we’ve created. We have some text formatting options.