How to stop spammers hitting the default webflow URL that processes the form submission

Context: I do not use the built in webflow forms on my sites. My forms all use an external service. This is set up via the forms action param in the editor.

Issue: Even though I am not using the webflow native forms, spammers continuously send emails via the webflow form native contact form. (which again does not exist on my sites.) And it is constant. Multiple emails a day and all promoting various nonsensical products and services.

Question: How do I either disable the native form submissions entirely, or prevent spammers from being able to submit via posting to the url directly?

Any advice would be helpful.

You can’t prevent them from hitting Webflow’s servers, as they do so directly.
However if you remove your email from your site’s form notification settings, you at least won’t get the emails.

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Appreciate the response. That’s a decent stopgap.
Unfortunately, those messages still show up in the form submission lists for the clients.

Would be awesome if we could just disable that feature. For now I will just let my clients know to ignore it.

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