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How to Show Unique CMS Item on Every New Slider For News Slider

Hey everyone!

I can’t seem to create a slider with a unique CMS item each time on this site (under “stories” nav):

I’m just trying to show the top 5-10 stories every day, and want to have a quick full-screen slider each day.

Any help?

All your slides have the same class name. I would delete all the slides except one. Then give a unique class. Don’t copy it, use the add new button, give it a unique class and add a regular div inside with a unique class as well. Repeat.

Would that allow the slider to have one collection and display a unique collection item on each slide?

My problem is that I can’t have 5-10 stories each day, and then filter together all the collections across the slides since the collections are separate.

I guess what I mean is there isn’t an option for a dynamic content slider.

If I understand you want dynamic content loaded from the collection side? Meaning when you add a new collection item, then it loads in the slider to add a new panel? Not sure what you mean by dynamic.

Explain a little more about what you’re trying to accomplish. I’m not clear on your goal.

Hey Gary!

Thanks for continuing to help me out :slight_smile:

So right now it is possible to add a CMS collection to a slide - but, you can’t add a SINGLE CMS collection to all of the slides.

I have the top 10 news stories each day. And right now each single slide I have to place a brand new collection in. I can’t seem to filter each of the individual collections, that are separated by the slides, so that each news story for that day only shows up one time.


Slide 1:
Collection 1

Slide 2:
Collection 2

Slide 3:
Collection 3

Now, each of those collections are separated and there isn’t a way to filter them all together so that stories aren’t showing up twice.

Okay you can add a new collection list, each with a unique class. But on each collection go to settings, at the bottom there’s a “Limit Items”.

  1. On the 1st collection - Start at 1 - Limit at 1
  2. On the 2nd collection in the 2nd Slide - Start 2 - Limit at 1.

That will give you different collection items per slide.

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