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Collection Based Content Pages


If I have a a few Collection based content pages, but I would like to add unique content to each, without doing so via the ‘Add New Field’ in the Collection Manager (CMS controlled pages)… Will Webflow allow me to open each of those pages and use the Add Elements panel to drag extra widgets to the page that I can then manually control with the standard Settings & Style panels at right of screen?

I want to drag a slider to each of these pages, again, without it getting caught up in the Collections CMS area of the page.

Thank you!

If you add an element to a Collection Template page, the same element will appear on all the pages of that collection.

There’s no way around the CMS if you want to have unique elements on a collection template page. Either you add fields to the collection itself, or you add another collection to which you refer from your collection template page.

So, in this case as some pages in that main collection will have a slider, some will just have a single static image with text overlay… you are recommending I set up a collection called ‘slider’ and then I can call in that slider to my main Collection to then customize with different images within the slider depending on the page I’m working on? - Is that how it’s done? Same thing for the static image… I would set up a collection called ‘static image collection’ where I could then call in that instance to a particular page to pull in a particular image?

Is that how to handle? - Because I wouldn’t be able to assign a slider to my main collection because not all pages would need it and some of the pages will have 2 sliders (on a page) showcasing unique products.

Please advise as I re-think how I’m going to accomplish my goals. Thank you.

At this time the only way to create a unique layout for each collection is to use the Dynamic template pages. For more information on this, please refer to this article:

​If you’re looking to create a unique layout for each Dynamic item, then that would require you to create a new static page for each item. Then you can drag in a dynamic list and bind that to the dynamic collection you want to pull from, then add a filter to make it more specific to the dynamic item you want to reference.

OK, all the dynamic pages are already set up - they came with the template. Can I add the slider from in there as an element for those pages? And if some of those pages do not need or utilize a slider, the page would just omit it?
See FlyCMS - the 8 block grid of photos. Click a photo - you get a landing page with the larger version of that photo and text beneath. So, those are the pages I need to further customize by (under that paragraph) adding a slider or not…some will have a static image, some may have more text.

I need to know step-by-step what I need to do next to achieve this key goal. For example, does the slider get set up as a “collection” so that I can assign it to my Portfolio Collection?

Thank you.

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