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Slider CMS showing duplicates

Hey guys/girls,

Interesting issue here. I’ve got a slider on the landing page of my website, and each slide has a collection list that displays an image of a project. The issue is (I think) because each slide has its own collection list that displays a project at random, sometimes certain slides are duplicated. It doesn’t always happen, as they’re picked at random - but when it does, it seems a bit amateur.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to how I’d stop this from happening?

Thank you in anticipation.

Here’s the “live” website link

Here’s the read-only link

Okay if you have a slider, then each slide needs an incremental collection list in it. You have to add the check box on the collection settings page: “Limit Items” everytime you add a new collection. For the 1st slide it will:

Start at: 1
Limit at: 1

For the 2nd slide it will:

Start at: 2
Limit at: 1

You do this for each slide in the slider so it increments up 1 each time. It will follow your collection order created.

To make sure it doesn’t duplicate. Start again with the slider. Delete all but the first one. Inside the first “Slide” add a div, then insert the image. Repeat this for each slide. That’ll will for sure keep it from duplicating.

Hope this helps. Take care.

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Perfect, thanks very much!

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