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How to setup your category pages and link from main nav

Hi everyone,

I need help in setting up my navigation to link to category pages. I’ve read some info on using a collection list to link to category list, but I can’t seem to get it to work. I think I got it to set up your nav drop down to use a collection list and linking each one automatically to category pages, but I can’t find the target to that. All I get is “Current category” as my target link option.


I have a feeling I’ve not setup my category template page correctly. It appears I have categories created there already but do I need to create custom single/multi reference fields?

A video/page tutorial would help me out. Thank you.


Figured it out! For anyone stuck here is the solution:

After adding in your collection product list into the category template, you need to set up the Filters correctly to below:

Categories contains Current Category

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Hello, want to thank you for the share it was very helpful for me, I was struggling almost 4 days of work, could not found the solution .